Who are Find A Bed?

Find A Bed Australia is a volunteer community connecting people across Australia who need somewhere to stay because of the bushfires with to those with a place to spare. We came together during the height of the bushfire crisis to be a safe and accessible point of contact for those in need of emergency accommodation.

How does this work?

We collect requests for help & offers of support via our website, email and phone line. 

Once a request for accommodation is received, a volunteer identified potential matches, contacts each party and, if both agree, put them in direct contact. Matches are made based on proximity & type of accommodation needed, including if they can house pets as well.

We will only contact hosts if we have a potential match.

Unfortunately, due to the urgency of getting people into accommodation, we can't screen people. We will connect you via phone and recommend you have a chat before making a decision about offering or accepting accommodation.

So far over 6500 people have registered to open their homes, backyards, farms and paddocks to people in need.

Who can request accommodation?

We are working to connect people and animals affected by the bushfire crisis with places to stay - this includes those who have had to evacuate, those who’ve lost their homes and those who are stuck on the road because of the fires. We are working to place pets and livestock as well as people.

Where are you covering?

We’re taking offers of accommodation across Australia. The more places we have in our database, the faster and better we can connect people in need with somewhere they can stay. Some people need to stay close to home, while others will need a place further away or close to family - every offer is incredibly appreciated. 

How do I learn more about the Find a Bed legals?

This is an informal community initiative, run on a voluntary basis.


The information collected is done so on a “good faith” basis to assist the requests for assistance being matched to the availability of emergency accommodation and/or resources.

Any inherent risks are the responsibility of the parties offering and accepting assistance. Our Disclaimer page has further information you can read. 

Do you accept donations?

We don’t take donations - we’d prefer if you donate directly to those in need. We’re here to connect people. You can find a list of places to donate here.

How else can I help?

In many parts of Australia, relief centres are inundated with physical donations - and sorting them uses a lot of volunteer resources. Because of this, cash donations are the best way to have an impact. Here are some places you can donate


If you’re looking for other ways to help, the Australian Bushfire directory also has a list of drop-off locations and places seeking support.

And please share us

Another way you can help is to share Findabed on social media - this helps us reach people in need so that we can connect them with a place to stay.

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