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David's story.

This is from Mat, who is coordinating relief efforts in Moruya: "We have a guy who on the 30th of November, lost everything on his property to the devastating Braidwood fires. Including his tools and shed used for his livelihood of local shed construction.

There are four images. The top image is a man with his back to the camera, looking out over burned out land. The second and third image show burned out farmland. The final image shows a structure that has burned to the ground.

Photo shows melted metal and has a caption that reads "Image has a caption that reads "Flat pack tool box, $10,000. Flat pack tool box for sale limited edition $10000"

He came to the coast when the ‘New Years Eve’ fires became alert to Batemans Bay, in order to protect his sisters house while overseas. As like all of us who couldn’t of imagined the destruction of these fires, her house couldn’t of been saved, despite continuous attempts and bravery shown by Dave. 

However, Dave and his crew of brave bush blokes manage to save 4 homes in the community. The crew continued to roam fire active areas with a Ute and a 1000L water tank (photo). Dave continued this through the night and early morning, putting out spot fires and amber attacks. 

His DIY fire truck was prepared for the extreme fires that were predicted to hit the coast on the that weekend but overnight, his new tool box was stolen. He continued anyways to fight any fires around the region on the 3rd and 4th of January by patrolling day and night. 

His passion escalated when he saw the devastation that hit our community. Needing to provide people in need and or have lost everything. 

From the moment I decided to start this grass roots effort to help our community, David has been my go to. To get anything, anywhere. If we need a fork lift, he gets us one. If we need a supply pack for a family an hour south at midnight, he volunteers. Without him, this campaign wouldn’t be operational. 

Unfortunately for me and the team, he has to start work back on Monday even though our area remains a ‘fire prone’. He wishes to protect the region but his financial position has depleted and has $500 to his name. 

If we could raise $5000 for a local tool supplier to give him correct equipment before starting work and a holiday to a warm destination in the middle of winter, or anything else you would be able to fit for this true legend who has worked tiredlessly for his community."

David has given us permission to share his bank account details, so if anyone would like to help him out directly to get back on his feet, you can send him money to the below. If you are able to help him another way, please get in touch with us at

Bank account details: BSB: 062655 Account number: 10149722 Name: David A Crooke Bank: Commonwealth Bank.

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